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Seminar on Promoting Production and Trading Opportunities for
Organic Agriculture in India

Organised by

United Nations Environment Program-Division of Technology, Industry and Economics-UNEP-DTIE Paris-France
Economic andTrade Branch- Geneva-Switzerland
Centre of Competence for the Innovation in the Agro-Environment Sector-AGROINNOVA, University of Turin-Italy

Supported by

Department of Agriculture, Government of Maharashtra

4-6 January 2006, Pune, India
Venue: Le Meridien-Pune
RBM Road, Pune 411001

Provisional Agenda

PLANTATION DAY    4th January 06

  Facilitator : Vinita Apte

  Welcome remarks by UNEP - Mr. ASAD NAQVI
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  Welcome Remarks by Mr. FABIO RUGGE, Italian Embassy, Counsellor, Mumbai
Opening statements:

  International relations of the University of Turin: research and other cooperation activities, Overview of University activities.
By Professor Ms. M.L. GULLINO - Director of the Centre of Competence for the Innovation in the agro - environmental sector (AGROINNOVA), University of Turin and Chair of the Committee for International Affairs of the University of Turin.
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Key note address

Catalysing the organic farming for sustainable villages: Role of financial institutes
By Mr. S. C. BASU - Chairman and Managing Director, Bank of Maharashtra

Address by Asad Naqui behalf of Chief Guest Mme. MONIQUE BARBUT - Director UNEP-DTIE
Organic Agriculture: An opportunity for protecting environment and promoting trade
SESSION I: Status Of Organic Farming
  Facilitator: Gopi Ramachandran
Overview of Activities in Karnataka, present status and future direction in organic agriculture research.
By - Dr. H.B. BABALAD, Associate Professor and Nodal Officer-University of Agricultural sciences- Karnataka - State of Karnataka

Barriers to Market Access.
By Mr. SANJAY KUMAR - Director- Trade Policy Division, Department of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce & Industry
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Principle and rules of organic farming
By Mr. DAVIDE SPARADO - Researcher, AGROINNOVA - University of Turin

Q & A and Discussions

SESSION II: Challenges and barriers
  Facilitator: Mr.Gopi Ramachandran

UNEP experiences in organic agriculture sector in East Africa
By Mr. ASAD NAQVI - UNEP DTIE, Economic and Trade Branch
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Challenges in certification in India
By Mr. SANJAY DESHMUKH - Natural Organic Certificate Association (NOCA)

Status & Lessons from Export marketing
By Ms. GOURI - Agricultural and Processed food products Exports Development Authority-APEDA
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Q-A and discussions on:
The barriers and challenges in marketing and certification

Conclusion of PLANTATION DAY
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Briefing for the next Day


   5th January 06: A Day in the field.

SESSION I: Back to the Basics: Organic Farm Visit
  Field visit and Organic lunch. Facilitator: Mr. SUNIL BHIDE
Discussion with Mr. R.B.DESHMUKH, V.C. Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth-Rahuri

Transit to another Organic farm

SESSION II: Lessons and experiences
  Facilitator: Mr. Sanjay Deshmukh

Farm visit of Mr. VIVEK BROOM, Organic Farmer Researcher

Institutionalising the messages through Universities: syllabus on organic agriculture and promotion of organic practises
By Dr. BHASKAR GAIKWAD, KVK (Krishi Vidya Kendra) Govt.of Maharashtra

Experience in Organic farming, problems faced and future direction suggested in Karnataka context.
By Fr. P.V. JOSEPH - President, Indian organic certification (INDOCERT)

Q and A and discussions on the experiences of the farmers.

Discussions on collaborative approaches by forming the working groups on financial, marketing and technical challenges

Presentation of each group (10 mins each) on summary of the discussions in each group.

Conclusion of PLANTATION DAY
By Mr. SANJAY DESHMUKH, Centre for Environment Education (CEE)
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   6th January 06

SESSION I: Overcoming Barriers and meeting the challenges
  Facilitator: Mr. VINAYAK KELKAR

Overview of Activities in Maharashtra and Indian context, constraints & policy initiatives and government interventions.
By Dr. S.K. GOEL, Agriculture Commissioner, State of Maharashtra.
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International co-operation on sustainable agriculture and organic farming
By Mr. ANDREA CAMPONOGARA, Project manager, AGROINNOVA , University of Turin

Role of Banks to overcome the financial barriers to help promote organic agriculture
By Mr. SANTHANAM, General Manager- National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development, NABARD

Development, Certification and Trade of Organic Food in China
By Prof. XINGJI XIAO Organic Food Development Centre of China (OFDC), SEPA

Bridging the gap between producers and consumers.
By Mr. VINAYAK KELKAR - Director, Maratha Chamber of Commerce

Q and A.

Tea Break

SESSION I: (continued)
  By Mr. PARTHA R. DAS Gupta, Advisor, Syngenta India Limited

Opportunities and promotion for Manure manufacture for organic farming
By Mr. CHETAN V. GORE - Manufacturer

Market of Organic produce in Italy and Europe, European Regulations
By Mr. RICCARDO SAVIGLIANO, expert, AGROINNOVA - University of Turin

Q and A

SESSION II: Looking forward
  Facilitator: Mr. VIJAY PARANJPE


Participants: AGROINNOVA, Universities of Turin and Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth, local NGOs and Government of Maharashtra, financial institutes and UNEP about next steps to develop future collaborative projects.

Presentation of the results of the seminar
By Mr. VIJAY PARANJPE - President, NGO Gomukh.

End of the Harvesting Day and of Workshop