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Did You Know?

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Did You Know ?

Cigarette buds are thrown on the ground is wiped by the rain and flown into the river ends polluting the water thus poisons the fish that we eat.

In a Botanical Garden in Brussels- Belgium, I saw a statue…

Did you know ?
    1. Over one-fourths of the world's six billion population, around 1.7 billion are between the ages of 10 and 24. 86% of them live in less developed countries.
    2. Estimates show that our planet is losing areas of fertile lands about the size of Ireland every year as a result of overgrazing and deforestation. How long  can this go on?
    3. Figures from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) show that the average world citizen requires 2.3 hectares (one hectare is equal to the size of a soccer field) to produce what he consumes every year and a place to dump what's left over. THAT IS 40% MORE THAN SUSTAINABLE.
    4. THERE ARE 800 million undernourished people in the world today


  • Bath uses twice as much water as a shower.
  • Never put oil, turpentine, acetones or cleaning acids down the drain.
  • Change often the washers of water taps to prevent slightest leakages.