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Our Mission

Our mission is to create a media platform to communicate the global and local messages on Sustainable Consumption and reach out to the leaders of tomorrow to contribute to the Millennium Development Goals set out by United nations.

Who We Are...

Madhyam is a non-governmental and not-for -profit organisation dedicated to work for children / youths as well as women on the issues of sustainable consumption.

'Madhyam' in ancient Indian language- Sanskrit- means media. It also means ' optimum and central'. Our Organisation 'Madhyam' hopes to make innovative and optimum use of media to educate people primarily children and youths on the values of sustainable consumption and sustainable development. Our endeavor is to implement a replicable, repeatable and upgradeable projects and address the three most important issues of sustainable development; Economic growth, Ecological protection and Social equity for the betterment of the local and global environment and living conditions.


Our team

Suchita Shende,
Education and Communication Art


Vinita Apte,
Project Co-ordination


Vikram Sathaye, 
Visual Media Expert


Shalaka Wandrekar, 
Child Psychologist


Sunil Bhondge, 
Visualiser, Graphic Designer



Prof. Vijay  Paranjpe 
President "Gomukh"
Non Govt. Org.
Mr. Prasad Modak 
Partner, Environmental Management Centre, India


The world today is at the cross roads of human development. There are Economic and social imbalances. Though free market policies and globalization are assisting economic development, benefits are not always reaching all strata's of society. These changes could have an irreversible impact on the world’s resources. Against this background the pressing questions that we, as a world community, have to address are
  • Is this development sustainable?
  • Are the developments at the cost of environmental degradation?
  • Does it result in social and economic equality?
With this in mind few concerned citizen bring their specialized expertise together to form a Non Government Organization called Madhyam.